Gord Downie's 'Coke Machine Glow' Gets Expanded 20th Anniversary Reissue

The triple album 'Songwriters' Cabal' includes a bonus disc with 12 unreleased tracks
Gord Downie's 'Coke Machine Glow' Gets Expanded 20th Anniversary Reissue
Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie's first-ever solo album, Coke Machine Glow, came out in 2001, and now it's being treated to an expanded 20th anniversary reissue. On August 27, the triple album Coke Machine Glow: Songwriters' Cabal will be out through Arts & Crafts and a poetry audiobook will arrive through Penguin Random House Canada.

The expanded reissue features the original 16-song double album, plus a bonus collection of 12 outtakes, alternate versions and demos. This includes the previously unreleased tracks "I Stand Before the Songwriters' Cabal" and "Contact," along with different versions of several CMG tracks. The album was curated by friend Josh Finlayson, brother Patrick Downie and A&C's Jonathan Shedletzky.

Coke Machine Glow's original version included an accompanying poetry book, and Penguin Random House will be treating that to its first-ever audiobook. This will feature Downie's poetry read by the likes of Sarah Harmer, Dan Aykroyd, Ron MacLean, Bruce McCulloch, Don Kerr, and members of Downie's family and the Tragically Hip, among others. It was produced by Patrick Downie.

Below, hear Hip member Rob Baker reading the poem "I Stand Before the Songwriters' Cabal" set to the music from the same song. (Note that this particular recording doesn't appear on the album.)

Coke Machine Glow's poetry collection will be included in the 3-CD reissue. The triple LP is being pressed in a one-time run of 2,000 copies (due to ship on November 15). Lastly, A&C is treating the album to a songbook for guitar, voice and piano.

Coke Machine Glow:

1. Starpainters
2. Vancouver Divorce
3. SF Song
4. Trick Rider
5. Canada Geese
6. Chancellor
7. The Never-Ending Present
8. Nothing but Heartache in Your Social Life
9. Blackflies
10. Lofty Pines
11. Boy Bruised by Butterfly Chase
12. Mystery
13. Elaborate
14. Yer Possessed
15. Every Irrelevance
16. Insomniacs of the World, Good Night

Songwriters' Cabal:

1. Vancouver Divorce - Alternate Take
2. Trick Rider - Demo
3. SF Song - Demo
4. Contact - Demo
5. Down Down Down - Demo
6. Putting Down - Demo
7. Chancellor - Demo
8. The Never-Ending Present - Demo
9. I Stand Before the Songwriters' Cabal - Outtake
10. Contact - Outtake
11. Mystery - Alternate Take
12. Lofty Pines - Alternate Take

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