Disconnection Notice

BY Sam SutherlandPublished Apr 1, 2005

Having only released two good albums to date, Goldfinger are now batting two for five with the release of this: the newest chapter of their headfirst dive into complete and total irrelevance. Almost offensive in its blandness, Disconnection Notice is a record devoid of any soul, integrity, or musical ingenuity. What’s most sad, however, is the nagging feeling that the band is completely aware of this fact. Between John Feldman’s work producing bands who all sound the same and Darren Pfeiffer’s work here in Canada with groups like Billy Talent, Goldfinger seem like a second thought to people whose interests have since drifted beyond the world of "Mable” and "Here In Your Bedroom.” A perfect mix of inoffensive punk, ska and pop songs make this record a complete and total waste of anyone’s time.

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