Gobble Gobble "Nemo"

Gobble Gobble 'Nemo'
Alberta electro pop monsters Gobble Gobble are of a different breed. Despite the fact that they've literally been on a non-stop tour since the beginning of June, Edmonton-bred ringleader Cecil Frena continues to push out new tracks and remixes from the project.

The latest track, "Nemo," was posted to the band's Tumblr account with a brief message: "Just in time for Hallowe'en, a nightmare for no one - all and none."

As could be expected, the track continues down Gobble Gobble's melodic and highly danceable path, though now Frena's vocals carry an intensity reminiscent of his time spent in various hardcore bands.

Stream "Nemo" and read the lyrics here.

Gobble Gobble still have a month left of touring, too. Keep track of the dates here.