The Go Whatcha Doin’

Detroit’s the Go sound like a Raw Power-era Stooges (i.e., drugged-out and a little loose) being fronted by a guy who sings like a more butch Marc Bolan, all shrouded in a dense wash of reverb. The vocal melodies are strong, and songs like “Keep On Trash” are catchy enough to sound like some lost American/British glam radio hit from the early ’70s. This crossing of Brit and U.S. styles brings to mind comparisons with like-minded rockers Thee Hypnotics, but the Go are different in that they’re less bombastic and more concerned with hooks than guitar solos. Another plus is the abundance of references to getting wrecked, like the track “You Can Get High.” It’s no mistake that they named the record after their song “Whatcha Doin’,” with it’s slap-in-the-ass time changes making it the standout number of the album. It’s the kind of song you want to hear again right after it’s over, and that doesn’t happen too often. It’s too bad the sound of the record isn’t a bit more “lively” as the general muddiness doesn’t really do the music justice. (Sub Pop)