Jack White's Former Band the Go Treat 'Whatcha Doin'' to Anniversary Reissue

The newly remixed version arrives via Third Man's Vault series
Jack White's Former Band the Go Treat 'Whatcha Doin'' to Anniversary Reissue
Before breaking out with the White Stripes, Jack White was lead guitarist for Detroit garage punks the Go, playing on their 1999 debut album Whatcha Doin'. In celebration of that album's 20th anniversary, White has now remixed the effort for a reissue through his own Third Man Records.

In conjunction with Sub Pop, the Go's Whatcha Doin' will receive a "20th Anniversary Remix Redux" as part of Third Man's Vault subscription release series. White remixed the album at Third Man Studio using the original reel-to-reel tapes, using "the créme de la créme of studio gear unavailable to the band back in 1999" to effectively "crank the album into overdrive."

The package is centred on a "Summer Sun" coloured pressing of Whatcha Doin', while vinyl pressings of the previously unreleased Ferdinand Attic Demos LP and the Alternate Studio Takes 7-inch are also included alongside photo book The Go in Black and White.

You can find corresponding tracklists and a trailer for the entire haul below.

Further details on the reissue and Vault subscriptions can be found through Third Man Records' official website.

Whatcha Doin' (remix LP):

1. Meet Me at the Movies (previously unreleased studio take)
2. Summer Sun Blues
3. Keep on Trash
4. Whatcha Doin'
5. But You Don't Know
6. Suzy Don't Leave
7. It Might Be Bad
8. Tired of the Night
9. You Can Get High (previously unreleased studio take)
10. On the Corner
11. Hesitation
12. Time For Moon

Ferdinand Attic Demos:

1. Meet Me at the Movies
2. But You Don't Know
3. Summer Sun Blues
4. Whatcha Doin'
5. On the Corner
6. Suzy Don't Leave
7. Hesitation (partial)
8. You Can Get High
9. It Might Be Bad
10. Tired of the Night 
11. Keep on Trash
12. Time For Moon
13. Time For Moon (songwriting demo)

Studio Outtakes:

1. Keep On Trash
2. Time For Moon