Fake Shark Real Zombie "Get Weird" / "He and She" (ft. Adaline)

Fake Shark Real Zombie 'Get Weird' / 'He and She' (ft. Adaline)
If you figured "Girls," the first single off Fake Shark Real Zombie's impeding Liar LP, had pushed the former screamo crew into the glossy world of radio pop, guess again. The troupe have now premiered another track called "Get Weird," whose title really hits the nail on the head.

The post-everything pop song positively boggles the mind, with singer Kevvy Mental wrapping an ether-huffing Anthony Kiedis impersonation around lines inquiring whether or not we feel "the abra cadabra hubba hubba." The track features all sorts of grating electronic ticks, a baby-voiced "la la la" hook, and a chopped-and-screwed, bongo-bangin' tribute to the scatting section of Korn's "Freak On a Leash."

"It's another song about fun at other people's expense, and liking that other people are looking, and maybe disapproving," Mental said in a statement. "To 'Get Weird' was a mantra we had when [we] toured with Hot Hot Heat, to the point that their tour manager actually got it tattooed on his arm. It's slang for partying, whatever that may entitle."

If you're ready to get weird, you can stream the single, as well as the non-LP, Adaline-assisted b-side "He & She," down below.

As previously reported, Liar arrives in digital stores February 14 and at old school retailers Februay 19 via Light Organ Records.

Thanks to AUX for the tip.