Get a "Lookit" Winnipeg's Underbelly with Bazooka Joe 204

It's the latest from his forthcoming 'Prairie Nilsson' LP
Get a 'Lookit' Winnipeg's Underbelly with Bazooka Joe 204
Bazooka Joe 204 — f.k.a. John Smith — has released "Lookit," the final single off his upcoming LP Prairie Nilsson.

The veteran MC explores Winnipeg's dark side, delving into grimy alleyways and seedy bars to offer an unflinching look at a life well wasted. Class, privilege and addiction are among the issues that will be laid bare in his newest album. Producer bigmcenroe's classic boom box beats set the stage for Joe's provocative lyrics and clever hooks.

The newest track sees the rapper repeat, "Look at where I come from, look at who I came with," calling upon the artist's storied history and roots. Initially a battle rapper, he turned to his upbringing and community stories from the shores of Hudson Bay in Churchill, MB, to Winnipeg's North End to drive his writing.

A pioneer in Canadian rap, the MC has been active in the studio since 1999. Prairie Nilsson is his eighth solo LP. It's out on October 15.

Listen to "Lookit" below.

Prairie Nilsson:

1. Lookit
2. Iowanna
3. That I Knew What For
4. King Cake Baby
5. Art School Kidz
6. Carp Diem
7. The Prestige
8. Into the Sea
9. The Stone