John Smith John Smith's Blunderbuss or, "In Transit"

Mcenroe's Park-Like Setting partner John Smith originally planned his debut solo album to be all about travel, but with the latter addition of a few songs outside of the concept, along with laying some vocals over a previously released Mcenroe beat from the instrumental Billy's Vision (entitled "Blunderbussin'" with John Smith's vocals) it was necessary to change the title from In Transit to Blunderbuss. The ride on the blunderbus starts off strong with "Blunderbussintro," a little introduction to our faithful driver. Over the next 11 stops many passengers get on and off, contributing what they can as fare for the ride. Amongst these are Birdapres ("Come So Far"), Josh Martinez and Pip Skid ("I'm Rollerblading!"), Frek Sho's Gruf the Druid ("Last Trip"), the Gumshoe Strut (F*[email protected] Gas Prices are Killing Me!"), and DJs Hedspin and Hunnicutt on a few different tracks. The only constant partner throughout this voyage for John Smith is Mcenroe, who contributes the beats for each and every track, lacing them with nearly identifiable vocal samples, rich bass lines and slick keys, as well as phoning in some rhymes for the sarcastic, money hungry "No Room for Subtlety." I wonder how difficult it would be to replace Toronto's definitely unfunky transit system with John Smith's Blunderbuss, a change that will guarantee I enjoy the ride each and every time. (Peanuts & Corn)