Gerhard Potuznik Concorde+

Concorde+ is a fascinating audio and visual release, set in motion by Austria's very busy Gerhard Potuznik (iO, Private Lightning 6, etc) and the Mego label's Ramon Bauer, with help from Patrick Pulsinger, Peter Rehberg (Pita) and the graphic designer Tina Frank. Narration about a meeting with a mysterious traveller begins the oblique story of the search for a code, represented by collage photos printed on the twelve cards that function as the CD's booklet. The code is a rhythm and the search is made in a record store, amongst other places, as Potuznik & Bauer interpret electronic music genres of the last 20 years within this novel use of a ‘70s-style concept album framework. They start with abstract Mego-isms and move back through techno, hip-hop, Cabaret Voltaire, Moroder and noise until they discover all the rhythms that make up the ultra-hip Vienna sound. The expert tracks without the narration are available on the double twelve-inch vinyl version. (Cheap)