Georgia Is in Her Carpe Diem Era with 'Euphoric'

BY Vanessa Tam Published Jul 27, 2023

Georgia is in her carpe diem era with her third studio album, Euphoric. Inspired by the pop divas of the '90s and '00s like Robyn, Kylie Minoque, Madonna and All Saints, Georgia is a supremely talented producer, singer and songwriter who spent the last 10 years working alone to write, produce and sing her own music as a form of escapism. 

After linking up with co-producer Rostam in LA — the producer and songwriter fell in love with Georgia's voice after hearing her on the Mura Masa track "Live Like We're Dancing" — the two made a near-instant musical connection, co-writing the quasi-title track "It's Euphoric" in a flurry, and crafting the tone that would dictate the rest of the album's soundscape.

Where her last record Seeking Thrills delivered pulse throbbing '80s inspired club hits, Euphoric explores a more intimate and pared-down production style that highlights her sparkling vocals and vulnerable songwriting. "It's Euphoric" is a perfect example of her new approach; anchored by punchy drums and a syrupy bass line, the single highlights Georgia's lyrics and vocals that distil the raw emotion of living in the now, rather than constantly seeking escape. 

Other dance floor-ready tracks like "Some Things You'll Never Know" and "All Night" feature earworm anthems that could turn even the most reserved wallflowers into the main character. This record is a surrender, and through it Georgia is able to guide herself to a new and healthy form of unconstrained liberation.

Even ballads like "Give it Up for Love" and "Mountain Song," while rooted in dance music, have a fresh and organic feel to them that feels equally suited to the dark booth of a nightclub as it does a cozy catch up at home. In press materials, Georgia stressed how important it was that each song on Euphoric could be played sitting down at the piano — at the core of each of these saturated, kaleidoscopic songs is that timeless sense of care.

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