Seeking Thrills

BY Chantel OuelletPublished Jan 8, 2020

It's late at night, the back of the bar is starting to blur and the music is becoming indistinguishable, you're moving your body and feeling it subconsciously. It's just the release you needed. Georgia is back with Seeking Thrills, and she crafted a collection of songs perfect for that exact moment.
Following her breakout self-titled album, Georgia took some time to herself. She got sober, and in that frame of mind, started to see the dance floor from a different perspective. She went into this album seeing it as a place of healing. The result is a catchy '80s-techno-inspired electro-pop album that is both infectious and intricate.
Breakout hits "Started Out" and "About Work the Dancefloor" are clear standouts; "Started Out" pulls inspiration from Mr. Fingers' "Can You Feel It" throbbing bass line, drawing instant comparisons to Kanye West's "Fade," which also sampled Mr. Fingers. "Mellow," featuring Shygirl, stands out for its drum-driven melody and distorted spoken lyrics. Georgia takes some risks and gets a little campy on "Ray Guns," and plays with cosmic psychedelic synth waves on "Ultimate Sailor."
The synth-heavy album is balanced by Georgia's drumming background, which is evident across each track. It's balanced, catchy and broad in scope. Each song stands out as its own unique piece of the puzzle, a quality that is easy to lose on electro-pop albums. The standout tracks will continue to impress while the rest will add to an increasingly impressive body of work.

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