George FitzGerald "Full Circle" (ft. Boxed In) (video)

George FitzGerald 'Full Circle' (ft. Boxed In) (video)
When George FitzGerald announced his debut album Fading Love early this year, the British-born/Berlin-based DJ and producer did so by sharing the track "Full Circle." Now, his promotional push behind the record has come, ahem, full circle, since that track has now gotten a music video.

The clip for this dreamily thumping, Boxed In-featuring dance track is loaded with cryptic symbolism, as a camera spins slowly around a room that contains, at various points, a pregnant woman rubbing her belly, dangling paper boats, a couple dancing and a woman lying on a hospital bead.

Director Alan Masferrer explained the video with the following statement:

Conceptually, the video is an abstract and personal approach to the stages of life: conception, pregnancy, birth, childhood, youth, adultness, oldness and death. This is for me the full circle. This idea is complemented by the circular mise en scène, simulating a continuous trip that turns on the different sets that represent each stage, showing that life can be seen just as a representation, a simple play.  

Coincidentally the actress, Anna Hierro, one of the most talented contemporary dancers from Spain, was 4 months pregnant when we asked her to appear in the video. Definitely that fortunate coincidence gave an additional dimension to the essence of the project.

Watch it below.