George FitzGerald All That Must Be

George FitzGerald All That Must Be
Following the success of his debut album, Fading Love, London DJ/producer George FitzGerald returns with his long-awaited sophomore album. All That Must Be, a mantra in and of itself, charts an intense two-year period of change in FitzGerald's life. After nearly ten years in Berlin, where he honed his skills and built his reputation as an artist, he abruptly moved back to his hometown of London following the birth of his first child.
While some musicians might see this as an opportunity to take a step back or postpone plans, FitzGerald pushed through to deliver some of his best material to date. Building on his canon of emotive electronic music, All That Must Be provides listeners with a rare look inside one of the UK's most promising producers. The record is an honest and open reflection on the processes of upheaval, renewal, and acceptance. It is both raw and refined at the same time, a mesmerizing mediation on the nature of change and transformation that affects us all.
Though largely guided by instrumentals that reflect FitzGerald's proclivity for choice harmonies and sweeping chord progressions, All That Must Be also features thoughtful collaborations with Lil Silva, Bonobo, Tracey Thorn and Hudson Scott. Vocal tracks "Roll Back" and "Half Light" are contrasting melodic highlights that artfully reveal the many sides of change — sweeping, inevitable, indifferent, ongoing, wistful and euphoric.
Ultimately, All That Must Be is a glowing album that plots the psychological journey of its creator through the often un-navigable waters of change. Yet somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle of real life, Fitzgerald found his strongest compass. (Double Six / Domino)