The Garrys Ride Surf Rock's Wake to New Sonic Territory on 'Get Thee to a Nunnery'

BY Holly-Anne GilroyPublished Sep 23, 2021

Hot off of their spooky 2020 rescoring of Haxan: Withcraft Through the Ages, the Garrys have blessed everyone's ears with Get Thee to a Nunnery, on which they meld their smooth eeriness with more pop-sounding songs. The eleven-track album is sure to please those who love the Saskatoon outfit's staple surf rock tone, as well as those who are ready for further musical exploration from the sister trio.
Ahead of Get Thee to a Nunnery's arrival, singles "Sintaluta" and "It's Over" showed off more pop-focused groove and ear worm harmonies. With a more apparent focus on vocals than their previous work, these two tracks spotlight the dreamy three-part harmonies the band is known for.

The drums are super tight, the bass line never fails to get the groove going, and the guitar holds so much colour; it's sometimes hard to imagine how there's room for vocals. Having played together their entire lives, the Garrys do an impressive job balancing the bright guitar with soft and dark vocal tones.
If you're looking to hone in on the trio's creative writing, look no further than "In the Dawn" and "R.M. of Wolverine." Neither track shies away from heavy harmonies or dissonance, making for an intensive listen, while slower tempos allows the vocals to set in deeper and envelop the song entirely. The latter comes at the end of the album and leaves the listener feeling contently somber and satisfied, straying from the bright surf rock tone for a lean towards a Western sound that fits seamlessly with the trio's voices.
Get Thee to a Nunnery finds the Garrys confidently playing with genre without losing their core, proving the sister trio do not fail to intrigue listeners through their experimentation.
(Grey Records)

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