Gallows Banned By Disney

Gallows Banned By Disney
Watford, England's Gallows are currently on their first Stateside headlining tour through America, but they won't be visiting the "happiest place on Earth" anytime soon. Their lyrics recently caused a commotion when House of Blues Disneyland got a hold of their debut album, Orchestra of Wolves.

Everything was set for Gallows to support Social Distortion at the HoB venue located on Disneyland's grounds in Anaheim — that is until their lyrics were examined and revealed some harmless curse words and "mature" subject matter.

The lyrics in question come from the album's title track, which reads:

If I offer to buy you a drink
Trust me when I say it's non-alcoholic
You're no good to me if you can't even speak
I don't want you passing out I want you sucking my dick
If I offer to buy you a drink
Trust me when I say it's non-alcoholic
I want you to wake up and remember my name
When you're washing my cum off your fucking face.

Okay, so they're not exactly "Be Our Guest" or "Hakuna Matata," but this is punk rock, man, with Social D - a band led by the one and only Mike Ness, a recovering drug addict. No?

As far as the cancellation goes, Gallows guitarist Laurent Barnard simply had some advice for Disney's beloved mascot, saying, "I think Mickey Mouse got jealous that Minnie Mouse had Gallows posters on her wall. That kind of stuff happens a lot. I recommend Mickey shows Minnie some more attention, You know, take her out and make her feel special. Cartoon mice need love too."

Gallows are now part of an elite group of acts that have been barred from House of Blues Anaheim, which includes the Dillinger Escape Plan and Machine Head.

The band will still be allowed to enter the free-speaking pastures of Canada for their two dates:

01/27 - Vancouver BC, Plaza Club w/ Cancer Bats and This Is Hell
02/05 - Toronto ON, Mod Club w/ Cancer Bats and This Is Hell

Gallows "Staring At the Rude Bois"