​Fyre Fest Caterer Raises over $175,000 via GoFundMe

​Fyre Fest Caterer Raises over $175,000 via GoFundMe
Maryann Rolle is one of the most memorable talking heads from Netflix's recent Fyre Festival documentary, and supporters have come to her financial aid following the release of the film.
In FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Rolle is introduced as the restaurant owner at the Exuma Point Resort, who was eventually tasked with feeding festivalgoers. In the film, Rolle revealed that she had to plunge $50,000 into her personal savings to pay staff and cover costs of the disastrous event.
Back in 2017, she told the New York Times that organizers owed her $134,000 and that her credit had been ruined.
Since the launch of the documentary, Rolle has started a GoFundMe campaign, which she calls "an appeal for help." In the description, she wrote "it's hard to believe and embarrassing to admit that I was not paid." She set a fundraising goal of $123,000 USD.
Strangers and sympathizers have come to her rescue, however, and the campaign has raised more than $175,000 as of press time.
The campaign currently remains open and is still receiving donations.
On Sunday (January 20), Rolle shared her appreciation to donors via Facebook.

Fyre co-founder Ja Rule recently sent his condolences to Rolle via Instagram, though it's unclear if he's contributed financially to her plight.