Fucked Up to Join NOFX and King Khan & BBQ Show on Split Seven-Inch Series

Fucked Up to Join NOFX and King Khan & BBQ Show on Split Seven-Inch Series
As dedicated Fucked Up fans know all too well, the Toronto, ON-based hardcore kingpins don't really know how to stop releasing records. If you don't believe us, just check out their overblown discography.

As we've told you, the band are adding to the pile with an upcoming singles collection, along with a star-studded cover of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" that the band are recording for charity. Now, front-man Damien "Pink Eyes" Abraham has announced a slew of other releases to thicken the "F" section of your vinyl collection.

In an interview with SPIN Earth [via Punknews], Abraham illuminated some potential releases for the near future. Besides the records we already knew about, Abraham explained that the band are planning a series of split seven-inches. The two bands he mentioned Fucked Up would be sharing some wax with are King Khan & BBQ Show and NOFX, suggesting that this could be a pretty killer series.

Besides those records, he also said that the band would be recording a "Year of the Ox" record, which, naturally, will follow their previous Year of the Dog, Year of the Pig and Year of the Rat releases in succession. Then, he said that Fucked Up would begin work on their third album.

Abraham is sure to mention that things could change at any moment, "suggesting" tensions are still high within the band. To see the whole interview, click here.