Fog Lake Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 27

Fog Lake Pop Montreal, Montreal QC, Sept. 27
Photo: Steve Louie
Fog Lake played cuts off their excellent record, Captain, released earlier this year. They play at a shoegaze pace, but forgo the excessive fuzz for Aaron Powell's soft singing that reminds me of Deerhunter's Bradford Cox.
Powell, born and raised in Newfoundland but now at home in Montreal, sat in the middle of his band as they stood around him, cracking jokes between songs and generally acting as down-to-Earth as you'd expect from a bearded Newfoundlander. Their guitar effects even gave an impression of a fiddle floating somewhere in the background.
On record, it's the piano that often drives Powell's songs forward, but this is Brasserie Beaubien, a beloved dive bar that not-so-shockingly does not have a house piano on stage. Subbing in some kind of pre-recorded track or midi replacement just wouldn't fit here — so they let the guitars fill in the space instead.