Flying Saucer Attack Returns with First New Album in 15 Years

Flying Saucer Attack Returns with First New Album in 15 Years
It's been 15 years since British space-rock unit Flying Saucer Attack released an album of new material, and now it's finally ready to return. The project's logically titled new album is Instrumentals 2015, and it will be out on July 17 through Drag City.

Although Flying Saucer Attack often functioned as a band in the past, this album consists of solo cuts recorded at home by project leader David Pearce.

These 15 guitar compositions are meant to be heard as a whole, since a press release notes that it forms "an impressionistic narrative which transports the listener through the excoriating dronescapes and rueful introspection of the album's early pieces to the more redemptive cadences of its closing half."

The songs are all numerically titled. See the tracklist below, and scroll past that to watch a video for "Instrumental 7." This is an abstract eight-minute epic in which droning, abstract tones serve as the atmospheric soundtrack to a montage of vintage-looking photos. It was directed by British filmmaker Peter Strickland (The Duke of Burgundy).

The album cover was designed by Pearce's sisters Erin and Tamsin, and can be seen above. The fourth side of the double-vinyl version of Instrumentals 2015 features an etching by former band member Rachel Coe. The album can be pre-ordered here

Instrumentals 2015:

1. Instrumental 1
2. Instrumental 2
3. Instrumental 3
4. Instrumental 4
5. Instrumental 5
6. Instrumental 6
7. Instrumental 7
8. Instrumental 8
9. Instrumental 9
10. Instrumental 10
11. Instrumental 11
12. Instrumental 12
13. Instrumental 13
14. Instrumental 14
15. Instrumental 15