Flatbush Zombies "97.92" (ft. Trash Talk) (video)

Flatbush Zombies '97.92' (ft. Trash Talk) (video)
While Flatbush Zombies have been issuing brand new tunes via their "Day of the Dead" singles series, the New York rap trio have also delivered a spinning set of visuals supporting their recent, Trash Talk-produced "97.92."

As previously noted, Garrett Stevenson's beat for the Zombie nation brings the boys onto an early '90s-inspired boom-bap, where they rap about sticky weed, rivals' garbage bars and more. As you'll see down below, an extreme fisheye lens captures them slinging rhymes on a wave-riding yacht, as well as from rooftops, a giant field and a skatepark where the Trash Talk guys get to flex their BMX skills.

You'll see the screen-bending results down below.