FFS "Johnny Delusional" (video)

FFS 'Johnny Delusional' (video)
Franz Ferdinand and Sparks' collaborative project FFS seems to be working out just fine — despite contrary reports — and they've just unveiled a new video for previously shared single "Johnny Delusional."
The clip was made with French directors AB/CD/CD, and the band offered up a refreshingly honest statement about their intentions for the video. It reads: "The first video for a brand new band sets the tone of how they may be perceived forever and we wanted a video that was mysterious, kinetic, artistic, and, well, made us look good."
Despite the uptight office worker uniforms, it appears that the goals were met. The camera follows the band members around in a dizzying circle of chairs, attracting the attention of some female friends. Give the video a spin (or more accurately, let the video give you the spins) by hitting play below.
The self-titled debut album from FFS arrives on June 9 via Domino.