​Fans Think Beyoncé and JAY-Z Are Plotting Another Joint Tour

​Fans Think Beyoncé and JAY-Z Are Plotting Another Joint Tour
The Beyhive is once again buzzing, this time digging up clues about a potential upcoming tour. Yes, some Beyoncé-obsessed sleuths are predicting that a joint tour with Bey and hubby JAY-Z could be in the works.
Earlier this week, some diligent fans noticed that a new "Beyoncé and JAY-Z" artist page surfaced on the Ticketmaster website.
It has since disappeared, but not before screenshots were grabbed and wishful thinking began.
If a joint tour between the married couple does come to fruition, it would mark a follow-up to 2014's "On the Run Tour."
Beyoncé's most recent album arrived in 2016 with Lemonade. JAY-Z released 4:44 last year, which addressed many of the same relationship issues expressed on Lemonade from Jay's perspective.
The pair also recently appeared together in the video for "Family Feud."
Of course, the part-time conspiracy theorists aren't always right — the Beyhive recently predicted that their queen would appear on the Black Panther soundtrack, but she didn't end up on Kendrick Lamar's final cut.
Stay tuned for any official tour announcements.