Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump Writes for Rolling Stone, Covers Simpsons Theme

Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump Writes for <i>Rolling Stone</i>, Covers <i>Simpsons</i> Theme
Though they never have a shortage of antics, those goofy mall punks in Fall Out Boy like to out-do themselves with the press, offering contests to open for them on tour and dropping mixtapes like real-life rappers. Earlier this month, we reported that the band had some issues with the writing in their Blender cover story, and it seems that front-man Patrick Stump is putting his money where his mouth is. On a recent post to his personal website, Stump announced that he's going to be writing reviews for Rolling Stone, effective almost immediately.

He said, "I've been asked to contribute to the Rolling Stone reviews section. Starting next issue, you will be able to read a few record reviews by yours truly. I'll be doing this as long as they let me. I've wanted to review records for Rolling Stone since I was a little kid and it's rare that in one's life you get to live your two dream jobs."

The band also recently contributed to an episode of The Simpsons, where they covered the show's iconic theme. In a behind-the-scenes video (viewable below), guitarist Joe Trohman explained his joy, stating, "I know for me, my sense of humor and the way I perceive humor and the way I perceive a lot of things was based on growing up and watching The Simpsons, so to be a part of this for me is legendary."

Fall Out Boy behind the scenes on The Simpsons