Face to Face Reveal 'Three Chords and a Half Truth'

Face to Face Reveal 'Three Chords and a Half Truth'
Nineties pop-punk vets Face to Face still haven't got their previously hinted at reissue campaign off the ground, but the band will be delivering a whole whack of new tunes next year. A video post from the long-running California outfit has singer-guitarist Trever Keith confirming that their next set will be called Three Chords and a Half Truth.

While the musician didn't lock down a release date, he did note that it will feature 17 new songs. "It incorporates a lot of the influences we've had over the years that we haven't really touched on a whole lot throughout our recording career," he said, pointing to early British punk bands the Clash, the Jam and Stiff Little Fingers as a few of touchstones to the upcoming LP's sound.

He added that there are "a few surprises," but "at its core, it's very Face to Face."

Tracking for the sessions have now been completed, but the album still has to go through the mixing stage.

While dates have yet to be revealed, the singer-guitarist added that Face to Face expect to hit the concert circuit in the spring.

Face to Face's last LP was 2011's Laugh Now, Laugh Later.