Maya Hawke Keeps a Tally of Regrets on "Missing Out"

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BY Karlie Rogers Published Feb 16, 2024

Realizing that you’re on a different path than your peers is a difficult feeling — Maya Hawke, in typical Maya Hawke fashion, manages to pluck that feeling out of the air and pin it down on her latest single “Missing Out.”

“Missing Out,” the lead single from Hawke’s upcoming third album Chaos Angel, is a wry reflection on Hawke’s self-described potential and the fundamental experiences she feels she’s missed out on. Hawke’s sardonic lyrics have become a staple of her catalogue, and on “Missing Out,” her smooth, sly vocals are underscored by co-writer Christian Lee Hutson’s piano and guitar, propelling the song toward its bittersweet destiny.

Hawke invites us into the knot of her mind, repeating the lament that she’s “Missin’ out, missin’ out, missin’ out” as the song builds and blooms around her. It’s a captivating, dizzying portrait, painted with careful precision.

(Mom + Pop)

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