Evangeline Gentle Announces Sophomore Album 'Where the Diamonds Are'

Hear new single "Bad Girls"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jul 26, 2023

Ontario singer-songwriter Evangeline Gentle has announced the release of her sophomore album, previewed by new single "Bad Girls."

Produced by Jim Bryson, Where the Diamonds Are is due September 29. It follows Gentle's 2019 self-titled full-length debut and features previously released track "Gay Bar." While a strong American influence remains present, the artist springs forward into a fresh indie pop-indebted sound.

"These 10 songs have provided a container for my peak experiences of joy, resilience, shame, ancestral trauma-healing, grief, love and queerness," Gentle explained in a statement. "Each track is an expression of reverence for the resilience of women and femmes in its own way. From the writing process to the recording process, the experience of making Where the Diamonds Are has been an empowering one. My hope is that this album will be empowering for its listeners too, and I can't wait to share in September."

Of the saucy new single, she added:

While I don't subscribe to any particular religion, I'm admittedly a huge theology nerd in my spare time and I'm particularly drawn to the work of feminist, Gnostic Christian scholars. There's a sapphic reimagining of the biblical character Mary Magdalene present in "Bad Girls," and she's been a muse of mine ever since I read her gospel commentated by Jean-Yves Leloup for the first time. "The Magdalene," as she is often called, translates to "The Tower." This is a commanding title that embodies the disruptive, liberating potential of her narrative, a narrative which asks us to re-evaluate the widespread acceptance of male-centric, dualistic spirituality. Reimagining "The Magdalene" as the modern, archetypal "Bad Girl" is my attempt to share what she represents to me: defiant, divine and powerful femininity. I also feel so grateful to be alive during the rise of openly queer pop music, when our voices, historically silenced for their own potential to disturb the status quo and usher in new ways of being, are now heard on large global stages. "Bad Girls" is a sonic contribution to this age of unapologetic sapphic storytelling, and weaving Mary Magdalene into the lyrical content felt aligned.

Listen to "Bad Girls" below, where you can also check out the album tracklist.

Where the Diamonds Are:

1. Bad Girls
2. Gay Bar
3. Underdog
4. Waters
5. Sarah
6. Bad Kids
7. High Vibes
8. He'll Do It Again
9. Deceive Lie Cheat Steal
10. Fall Again

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