Envy "Footsteps in the Distance"

Envy 'Footsteps in the Distance'
There's still a couple months to go before Japanese post-rock institution Envy releases Atheist's Cornea, but that's really not that far off, in the grand scheme of things. Though the album arrives July 10 via Temporary Residence, recent reveals from the set mean you can hear its "Footsteps in the Distance." Coincidentally, that's also the name of the latest sneak preview.

The track is plenty upbeat, rolling out via amped-up, major key riffery and the steady drive of a snare roll. This is juxtaposed against some spoken word passages, with the blend between soft and loud moments coming out especially smooth.

As previously reported, Atheist's Cornea will be Envy's first LP since 2010's Recitation. A press release explained that it is "their bravest album, taking new risks with a much welcomed, broader vocal palette and an instrumental experimentation that navigates blistering shifts from impenetrable noise to poetic, pin-drop introspection with astounding grace."

You can decide if that is indeed the case by giving the new track a spin down below.