Drugs of Faith Drugs of Faith

Fans of extreme and underground grind will no doubt be familiar with the name Enemy Soil. A very underrated hyper grind band from the mid-’90s, they quietly faded away before making the impact they should have. However, this new EP from Drugs of Faith should help satisfy those cravings a bit, as this band were formed by an ex-Enemy Soil member. Talk about an unassuming band pic: the two guys and one gal in this band look like a combination of high school teachers and someone’s parents, but the sounds they create are vicious. From bass-heavy power-violence to manic grind, straight-up punk to old school hardcore, this is pretty much in a category of its own. Mainly, it’s just heavy as hell. With a tattered production sound and those barked vocals, this does carry with it the feel of the old Slap-A-Ham Records grind punk bands as well as a definite kinship with modern-day grinders Benumb. A great EP, one of those ones where it’s not really necessary to have more than 14 minutes because, would you really want your ears to get abused more? (Selfmadegod)