Dropkick Murphys

On The Road With The Dropkick Murphys

BY Sam SutherlandPublished Mar 1, 2004

Boston's proudest sons, the Dropkick Murphys, have put together almost five hours of footage for this DVD release. Creating what should be considered the blueprint for music DVDs, we are given an entire live performance of 22 songs (from a St. Patrick's Day performance no less), a well-produced documentary of the band's experiences on last summer's Warped Tour, a special on the band's performance at a Boston Bruins hockey game, a "behind the scenes" tour doc, every music video ever created by the group and, to top it off, a final documentary on the band's labour roots. While the last part comes off slightly over the top, at times — Dropkick plays at the picket line, Dropkick wear shirts in solidarity with their striking brothers, Dropkick writes songs about their grandfathers who worked in the harbour — it really does come across as genuine. If you weren't a fan before watching this DVD, there's little doubt that you'll find yourself drawn into a world of catchy working class Irish punk rock. On stage the band are both energetic and proficient, and off they make for an exciting spectacle, whether they're getting hassled by the Warped security for peeing in the bushes or creating "America II" while in Vancouver on the fourth of July. While it would be impossible to watch all of the material contained here in one sitting, each segment makes for great viewing on its own. Whether they are your favourite band or merely a name you've heard in passing, the Dropkick Murphys have made the "punk rock in a kilt" DVD for you. (Hellcat/Epitaph)

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