The-Dream "Pussy" (ft. Pusha-T & Big Sean) (video) / "High Art" (ft. Jay-Z) (video) (NSFW)

The-Dream 'Pussy' (ft. Pusha-T & Big Sean) (video) / 'High Art' (ft. Jay-Z) (video) (NSFW)
We've seen plenty of NSFW videos in the past few years, but it's hard to remember ever seeing a more sexually explicit clip than the latest from R&B smoothie The-Dream.

The radio-dominating songwriter has released two videos from his album IV Play, out now through Def Jam/Radio Killa. Of the two, "Pussy" (featuring Pusha-T and Big Sean) is raunchier, as it shows a woman writhing around in a bed in her underwear and includes many extremely graphic closeups. It's so explicit that it's been banned from YouTube, so proceed with caution.

The video for the Jay-Z-assisted "High Art" is marginally less pornographic, and it features similar imagery. Watch both clips below, if you dare.