Drake's Controversial Beatles Tattoo Has Gone Viral (Again) and the Twitter Debates Have Begun

Think before you ink, folks

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Aug 14, 2023

Drake took pettiness to a whole new level when he got a tattoo depicting himself leading the Beatles across Abbey Road after breaking several of their chart records back in 2019. Well, that tattoo has resurfaced, and the internet is having an absolute field day with it. 

The conversation started when Drake posted a picture of himself braiding his son Adonis's hair to Instagram. The forearm tattoo is on full display in the picture, and all it took was one person to notice before the Twitter dominoes began to fall. 
Yes, @zedonarrival. Yes, it is. 

The tattoo's return to the social media limelight inevitably led to a fierce debate on Twitter, with Drake fans arguing that he's well within his rights since he does, in fact, have more top 10 hits.

Meanwhile, Beatles fans point out that the band has more No. 1 hits (20 to Drake's 11) and that the rapper oriented the tattoo towards himself in some sort of self-esteem booster. 
But, what perhaps nobody saw coming (but everybody should've expected), were the Swifties, who came to crush both fan bases from way out of left field.
Morals of the story? Think before you ink, and never mention Billboard records around a Swiftie.

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