​Drake Made Himself into a Meme at the Raptors Game Again

​Drake Made Himself into a Meme at the Raptors Game Again
The Toronto Raptors beat out reigning NBA champs the Golden State Warriors last night (November 29) in overtime, and Raps ambassador Drake was in his courtside seat to watch it all go down — except that he barely sat in his seat and spent most of his time pacing around, making hilarious faces and chirping Kevin Durant.
Naturally, the internet is having a field day with Drizzy's overly-expressive reactions to some of the game highlights.
After a particularly deep 3-point shot by Durant, Drake's jaw practically hit the floor, and his reaction has already gone viral. He couldn't contain his face when Durant's point-streak continued, either.
Although the Warriors ended up losing, KD netted an impressive total of 51 points during the game — despite Drake's side-court commentary. In a post-game interview, Durant admitted that Drake "talks a lot of trash over there on that sideline," then added, "Anytime I can throw it back in his face is a win for me."

The pair ended the night of good terms, though, with Durant gifting Drake his game-worn jersey after the game.