Dragged Into Sunlight Hatred for Mankind

Dragged Into Sunlight Hatred for Mankind
Originally released on Mordgrimm Records in 2009, Prosthetic is bringing this full-length debut from these UK fun-lovers to a wider audience, not that these guys will want to have anything to do with any of them. With Billy Anderson (Eyehategod, Neurosis, etc.) producing, songs that range from three minutes to 12, and a healthy dose of feedback-laden sludge thrown into the mix, this is a raw, antagonistic dosage of pure negativity. "Buried with Leeches" cruises fast and black, but with tons of nasty crust thrown into the mix. "Volcanic Black" is more akin to standard-issue black metal, but at just over nine minutes, manages to throw in some ugly sludge and the most hilariously frantic blast beats heard since triggers hit the scene. Then come "Lashed to the Grinder and Stoned to Death" (ten-plus minutes of intense sludge/doom/black) and "I, Aurora" (11-and-a-half of Neurosis gone blackened crust); it's a satisfying back-to-back endurance test. I swear it's not just because they're all Brits, but I'm thinking Mistress; I'm thinking Iron Monkey; and I'm thinking no one's happy over there. Hey, if I get albums as good as this out of their misery, works for me. But could that cover art possibly be any sketchier?

How's it going?
Vocalist T: Honestly? Miserable as fuck, man; it'd be great if it were different, but it isn't and each day is the same. We all have nine-to-fives, so today was overworked and underpaid. You arrive at work for nine a.m., at 9:01 a.m. some intolerable tool barks orders at you until you feel like stapling your eyes shut, and so commences the entirety of your day, consumed with mulling over the different ways to make his skull a bowl.

To me, you're a sludge band, even with all the black metal going on.
We've always maintained that Dragged into Sunlight are a tribute to the bands we grew up on and bands deserving of recognition for the influence they've had: Dystopia, Autopsy, Incantation, Weakling, Fang, Rudimentary Peni and Napalm Death ― the list is endless. Dragged into Sunlight are a thorough exploration of extreme metal through and through.

When can people expect new material?
We're in the process of recording the first instalment of the Widowmaker trilogy, a vinyl release on Mordgrimm records. It has a focus on slower, heavier music, like bands such as Pentagram, Grief and Eyehategod. We've also recently commenced writing a follow-up to Hatred for Mankind. (Prosthetic)