Dragged into Sunlight Discuss the Misanthropic 'Widowmaker'

Dragged into Sunlight Discuss the Misanthropic 'Widowmaker'
This week, Liverpool's Dragged into Sunlight released their second full-length, Widowmaker. A fusion of black metal, doom and death metal elements torqued and twisted into something even darker, Widowmaker is already being hailed as a triumphant piece of misanthropic ugliness.

Speaking to Exclaim!, Dragged into Sunlight's reclusive vocalist, who goes only by the initial "T," discussed the evolution that the band have undergone since their debut, 2009's Hatred for Mankind.

"Widowmaker is a conceptual recording," he explains. "However, a common misunderstanding is that conceptual music should be expressed vocally... For Dragged into Sunlight, there is no mandate for words."

While there is certainly a vocal component to Dragged into Sunlight, it primarily takes the form of unearthly screams and the occasional sample. This is a much leaner and more stripped-down approach compared to Hatred for Mankind, allowing the menace of the music to come through.

T is also quick to draw parallels between the efforts.

"Whilst [Widowmaker] may be an entirely different flesh to Hatred for Mankind, it is a root that draws from the same source and one which can co-exist. Widowmaker is slower, heavier and louder, yet there is no shift for Dragged into Sunlight. The recording draws from a different pool of influence and one which may not have been as apparent on Hatred for Mankind."

And what defines that pool of influence, as well as the concepts and feelings, behind Dragged into Sunlight's music?

"Hatred, depression, pessimism and loneliness, are all feelings innate to every human. Darkness isn't so much an attraction for Dragged into Sunlight as it is a reality."

T makes it clear that the medium that Dragged into Sunlight work with as artists, first and foremost, is negativity, both on their previous record, their new release, and looking forward to future work.

"Consider every detail as an additional brush stroke and an additional layer to the madness. Darkness is often very natural and without shape, it is a moulded and thorough process, it is Dragged into Sunlight. The reality is that darkness, like happiness, can be nurtured." Widowmaker is out now on Prosthetic Records. You can stream the entire album below and check out Exclaim!'s entire interview with Dragged into Sunlight here.