DOOM "Doomsayers" (Young Guru remix)

DOOM 'Doomsayers' (Young Guru remix)
Metal-faced villain DOOM sidled up to producer Jneiro Jarel's beats on this year's tag-team JJ DOOM LP, but it looks as if the rapper born Daniel Dumile is getting ready to let loose some more solo work. A track called "Doomsayers" has just been posted on SoundCloud, and you can stream it down below.

Apparently this is a remix courtesy of Young Guru, though it's unclear what will become of the original. The menacing, old-school and soul-sampling bed of tensely staccato organ stabs, tuba blasts and slinky six-stringing has DOOM putting his "metal palm on your mom's badonkadonk," but he gruffly reminds us of his work ethic, adding that the other hand is "clutched to a pen 24/7," much to haters' chagrin.