Dirty Projectors "Offspring Are Blank" / "The Socialites" (live on KEXP)

Dirty Projectors 'Offspring Are Blank' / 'The Socialites' (live on KEXP)
We're just a few weeks off from Dirty Projectors' next studio release, Swing Lo Magellan, but the band have delivered a couple of live interpretations of their current crop of tunes to whet our whistles until we get the real deal.

Yesterday afternoon (June 21), the group played live on Seattle's KEXP radio station and played a four-song set showcasing the new album. They performed previously premiered cuts "Gun Has No Trigger" and "Dance for You," but also unveiled "Offspring Are Blank" and "The Socialites."

"Offspring Are Blank" starts off with the group's characteristic female vocal harmonies supporting Dave Longstreth's cracked croon and a low-key drum beat, but builds into a crunchy stadium rock groove complete with some serious six-string shredding. The eternally chill "The Socialites," meanwhile, has Amber Coffman dropping R&B-inspired vocal runs atop a wobbly synth line and jazz guitar noodling.

You can check out both newly revealed tracks below, or listen to the whole session here at KEXP (click on Thursday, June 21, 9 a.m. Variety Mix)

As previously reported, Swing Lo Magellan this stores July 10 through Domino.

"Offspring Are Blank":

"The Socialites":