Diplo Accused of Distributing Revenge Porn in Police Report

His lawyer says the Los Angeles woman's filing is part of "an ongoing smear campaign" against the producer

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Dec 7, 2023

Pitchfork reports that a police report was filed against Diplo in August by a Los Angeles woman who accused the producer of distributing nude photographs of her without permission.

Shelly Auguste has been involved in an ongoing legal battle with the Burning Man-escaping, Antarctic-expeditioning DJ since 2020; this is the second time she's accused him of distributing revenge porn, the initial allegation having resulted in no criminal charges. The Los Angeles Police Department submitted the new case to the Los Angeles City Attorney's office last month, and it is currently under review.

In the report, Auguste claims that a woman contacted her on Instagram and told her that she had six nude photos of her, alleging "that they were the photographs that either [Diplo] took or that she had given to him." She believes that Diplo is distributing the photographs because he's upset about her legal action against him, stating that he "wants to harass and embarrass her."

Auguste is in the midst of suing Diplo for sexual battery, gender violence, intentional intrusion into private affairs, battery, assault, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and fraud. She has also accused him of violating both the Ralph Civil Rights Act and the Tom Bane Civil Rights Act, and they are scheduled to go to civil trial in April. Auguste filed her initial claim in June 2021, and Diplo publicly denied the allegations that October.

The producer born Thomas Wesley Pentz is also suing Auguste for stalking, trespassing, and distributing private materials, alleging in an April 2021 lawsuit that she was "dangerously unstable." He claimed that, after he ended their relationship, she "made relentless efforts to communicate with him" — including through fake social media accounts.

"For more than three years, Shelly Auguste has been orchestrating an ongoing smear campaign against Wes — and this is just more of the same," Bryan J. Freedman, Diplo's attorney, said in a statement to Pitchfork. "Now, Ms. Auguste is at it yet again. But Wes will defend himself, and, just as he has done every time Ms. Auguste has defamed, harassed and attacked him and his family, he will win."

Auguste had previously been granted a temporary restraining order against the producer for alleged revenge porn distribution — which he likewise denied — in 2020. Her allegations against Diplo are not the only ones, with another woman (allegedly a friend of Auguste) accusing him of sexual coercion and filming without consent in June 2021, but those charges were later dropped.

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