Dijah SB

Manic Luxury

BY Leandre NawejPublished Jul 28, 2016

On her new EP Manic Luxury, Toronto rapper Dijah SB sheds light on the dark and debilitating nature of depression and the stigma of mental illness, which affects one in five Canadians. Instead of inflating her ego with braggadocio and narcissistic lyrics, Dijah fearlessly describes the impacts of a deflating sense of self-esteem. With suicide being the most worrisome, addictive medication is also a cause for concern, and she addresses them all here.
"Another Depressive Episode" confronts the main theme of the project via classic hip-hop production, generous elements of jazz and a case of the blues. The features here are limited to Tamera Russell and Martin Sole, who each contribute production, and Leila Dey, who lends her voice to "Feeling Better," which conveys a sense of hope for the listener. It's the peak of the five-track EP.
Manic Luxury suffers, however, from a barren soundscape with little to no versatility to keep listeners engaged. "Introduction to…" and "Another Depressive Episode" include similar production patterns, while "Inhale and Exhale" feels pale compared to the optimistic and uplifting tones of "Feeling Better."
The EP is something of an uphill battle, but it's one that Dijah SB has used as an opportunity to bare her scars, as if to assure others that all wounds eventually heal.

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