Destruction Live Discharge

Celebrating 20 years of total destruction care of one of Germany's finest, this DVD collects a ton of material for the diehard thrash nut. The bulk of the video is a 90-minute collection of songs culled from three live shows. With good sound and picture quality, it's a treat to watch these guys crank out the tunes in the new millennium with just as much punch as ever. Unfortunately, as with most live videos, it gets boring a few songs in, as these guys aren't really much to look at while they're playing. Over in the bonus section of the DVD, one finds an hilarious lip-synched TV appearance from 1985, various promo video, interviews and more live footage. With a running time of nearly three hours and a pretty good presentation overall, right down to the cool booklet, this is a must-have for thrash fans. (Nuclear Blast,