Demiricous Two (Poverty)

Previously known as the band that sounds a lot like Slayer, these Indianapolis thrashers have expanded a bit on Two but kept the Slayer-isms intact. Here we experience more death metal, with some blast beats and cookie monster growling, as well as a more melodic edge, at times. But, screw it, this is still more or less Slayer worship in the modern day, and just like on their last album, One (the race with Cursed is on), the guitar solos are fucking awesome, the riffs are fast, furious and glorious (check out the perfection at the two-minute point of "Acid Lung”), and the thing races past with an energy that most modern death or current retro thrash is lacking. The production is a tad too modern and click-y for such a traditional and blue-collar sound but man, check out the raging double-whammy of "Expression of Immunity to God” and "Knuckle Eye” and try and come up with anything to complain about. And that old-school style photo collage in the insert doesn’t exactly hurt. (Metal Blade)