Demiricous Two (Poverty)

What initially seems like little more than a casualty from ESL night school, Demiricous’s new Erik Rutan-produced Two (Poverty) turns out to be one of the most ripping, fun and honest metal records of 2007. Within moments of pressing play, the entire mechanism springs to life, echoing the heyday of violent mid-’80s thrash with a streak of crust punk to make it extra obnoxious. There’s barely a breath between songs, with each track sounding tight and completely fat free. Generally, the influences are pretty transparent but occasional disorienting time changes imply a certain savvy that might have something to do with affiliated outfits like Upheaval and the Dream Is Dead. Some would be tempted to call Demiricous "metalcore” but the truth is they’re too hairy for that, and the riffs too well informed. A welcome surprise, this band are a blast if you aren’t too grumpy to let them play with you. (Metal Blade)