Demiricous One

It may sound a little odd, but the guitar solos on this disc are a highlight, channelling and paying homage to the mighty, Slayer-ific duo of King/Hanneman in a huge way. Not to take away from the great thrash riffing on here, which is what drives One along nicely. This Indianapolis quartet show an admirable disdain for, well, anything really, opting to stick their heads down and thrash ’til death. Despite the insistence to stick with shredding mid-tempo and fast thrash, there is a new school vibe here that drags things down a little bit; those non-descript screaming vocals don’t bring anything to the table and in fact, distract. And the production is way too clean for the band’s raw take on metal; Zeuss was not the producer the band should have gone for, — his clinical and modern sound taking away from the cool vibe the band are reaching for and could easily attain in time. (Metal Blade)