'Degrassi' Era Drake Included in New York City Parks Proposal

'Degrassi' Era Drake Included in New York City Parks Proposal
The New York City Parks Department is having some fun with a recent renovation plan for Brooklyn's Fort Greene Park, envisioning a fully accessible city sanctuary that should put a smile on Drake's face.
The Toronto rapper makes a surprising appearance in a new document from the parks department, with a memed to death image of his Degrassi: The Next Generation character Jimmy Brooks demonstrating the proposed design for an accessible ramp in the park. Drake's character on the Canadian TV show famously used a wheelchair after getting shot in Season 4.
Drake isn't the only hip-hop star enjoying the outdoor space in the park's latest visual rendering, though. Akon can be seen having a laugh in the foreground of the photo, as well.
When asked about the playful planning document, Parks spokesman Sam Biederman referenced the 6 God himself, and told the New York Post that they "started at the bottom of Fort Greene Park's signature hill, now we're here with the final design."
Take a look at the proposed design and its VIP guests in the photo above.