Death In Vegas The Contino Sessions

This sophomore release from Death In Vegas emphasises the presence of a typical rock band, with live drums, bass and guitar. The set-up is more conventional than the duo's previous work, but the sound is still far from ordinary. With the help of hip-hop breaks and analog noise, The Contino Sessions is the sound of electronic blues, or at least the blues as it could sound at this moment in time. Obviously, it's the feel, rather than the instruments, of the performances here that make give it this definition. Whether it be in the eerie guitar wails, the chaotic synths, or the reverbed sound of oblivion (on "Broken Little Sister"), the expression of these instinctual sounds is frenetic. At times, it's so free, it's sick; and because it's so sick, so ill, it’s human. With the guest warblings of Bobby Gillespie, Jim Reid and Iggy Pop, the feel becomes even more darkly human. Still, the bluesy modes of this album are ultimately dependent on the technology. There is an organic relationship between the live instruments and the studio, where the latter is used to amplify the former in its most vivid dimensions. Not since ‘70s dub, has studio-driven music sounded this dynamic. (Time Bomb)