Death in Vegas "Honey"

Death in Vegas 'Honey'
Following 2016's Transmission, Death in Vegas return with the outfit's dreamy new single "Honey." It marks the second collaboration with Sasha Grey, who offers hushed whispers and seductive vocals to the near six-minute serenade. "Honey" opens with the same pace and intensity you'd expect from a Depeche Mode record — filled with distortion and pulsing synth — but firmly grounds itself in a more minimalist approach. The result is a psychedelic track that is both dreamy and downright sexy.
The B-side contains a remix of "Witchdance" from Trans-Love Energies and features the vocals of Katie Stelmanis. "Witchdance Dub" is a slow-burning club hit that has long been played across dance floors. The remix layers vocals atop reverbs and staccato beats to create a beautifully hypnotic track.
Altogether, both songs complement one another and showcase the talented production of Richard Fearless, the founder of Death in Vegas. "Honey" couldn't be a sweeter way to welcome back Fearless and his band of merry eclectic, electronic music-makers. (Drone)