Dead Soft Bamboo Room, Calgary AB, June 25

Dead Soft Bamboo Room, Calgary AB, June 25
Photo: Steve Louie
Though they're close in proximity, Vancouver bands can occasionally become the stuff of legend in Calgary. Ask Baptists, Bison or B-Lines — they'll likely tell you about a ridiculously memorable show they played to a packed house in Calgary.
That was certainly the case for Dead Soft, who'd easily have you believe they were one of Sled Island's headliners had you seen the crammed Bamboo Room on a Thursday night (June 25).
All said, however, Dead Soft are more than ready for that sort of attention. The band have been tirelessly touring in support of last year's self-titled album, and their live set is all the tighter as a result.
Striking a perfect balance between '90s fuzz rock and poppy punk, Dead Soft are the sort of creative, forward-thinking rock group that's hard to resist. No matter the city, they'll eventually become everyone's favourite local band.