Dead Soft Revisit 'Big Blue' as New 'Baby Blue' EP

Stream the band's new mini-release
Dead Soft Revisit 'Big Blue' as New 'Baby Blue' EP
Here to celebrate the first anniversary of Big Blue, Dead Soft have unloaded a new EP. Called Baby Blue, the mini-release can be heard now.

Made up of six tracks, the EP features re-imagined versions of some of the highlights from the BC band's Arts & Crafts debut. It's available now on Bandcamp and will arrive on other streaming services this Friday (October 23).

Baby Blue started a some casual experiment in recording techniques, a press release explains, but it eventually turned into a full-fledged project when the band put all their touring plans on hold due to the pandemic.

In a statement, Dead Soft's Nathaniel Epp had the following to say:

Baby Blue started as the recording equivalent of a doodle back in the winter when we had some down time after the first Big Blue tour. I had decided that I wanted to start self recording again and started messing around with microphones, getting sounds and tracking this and that. After a while we could start to see this potential alternate version EP forming but we didn't make it a priority because we had a lot going on at that point — and then covid hit! Like everyone else, we ended up cancelling tons of shows and began trying to form an idea of what being in a band will look like for the foreseeable future. One thing was certain, we had a hell of a lot more time on our hands so we leaned a little harder into Baby Blue for some much needed solace during the gnarliest stretch of lockdown and ended up really getting a kick out of how it was coming together. What could be a more perfect time to share them with the world than on the first anniversary of Big Blue! The timing was right.

Check out Baby Blue down below.