Norah Jones Teaches Dave Grohl What a Major 7th Chord Is

He didn't know the names of the chords in "Everlong" until she told him

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 30, 2023

Dave Grohl is one of the most famous rock musicians on the planet, but even though he's been writing songs with the Foo Fighters for three decades, he still doesn't know the names of most of the chords he plays. That much became clear in his recent jam session with Norah Jones, when he spent some of the time asking her to identify the chords to some of his most famous songs.

Grohl appeared on last week's episode of the podcast Norah Jones Is Playing Along — a conversation/interview show in which Jones and her guest play a few songs together. At one point, Jones commented, "You do a lot of major 7 chords in these songs," and it quickly became clear that Grohl has no clue what that is.

"Is that it?" he asked while strumming a chord. "It's funny, because I literally don't know the names [of chords]. I know the cowboy chords, but I don't know [other ones]. Which is kind of awesome, because I don't ever know if something is right or wrong. I don't have any version of right or wrong. I would never encourage someone to not take lessons, because I think it's great to know your hands and the thing and where you're going or whatever. But I do like the mystery of really not knowing."

Later in the episode, the pair played "Everlong," and Grohl asked, "What are those chords?" He and Jones then went through the progression, with Jones identifying a Dmaj7, Bm7(9) and Gsus2.

Hear the podcast below.

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