D'Angelo's 'Voodoo' Gets Vinyl Reissue

D'Angelo's 'Voodoo' Gets Vinyl Reissue
Despite news leaking back in 2010 that Mark Ronson was tapped to record reclusive soul singer D'Angelo's next LP, there's still no word on when the "Untitled" singer will follow up his explosively sexual 2000 masterpiece Voodoo. In case you wore out your copy of the 12-year-old album long ago, the set is about to come out in a special vinyl repress.

Reissue hub Light in the Attic is set to deliver the re-release, marking the first vinyl pressing since its original launch in 2000, December 11 through its Modern Classics branch. The two-LP edition will feature the original gatefold artwork, though it's now been expanded into a gatefold "tip-on" jacket. It will also include liner notes from music critic Jason King, as well as interviews with Questlove, Pino Palladino, Charlie Hunter, James Poyser, Alan Leeds, and Russ Elevado.

A limited-edition version of the set will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl and include a period-specific 5″×5″ press photo of D'angelo, which means you probably get a picture of the dude's ripped early 2000s physique.

Bizarrely, a press release praising the set casts doubt on whether the R&B hermit's long-awaited follow-up will ever arrive.

"Though he's since made guest appearances and even toured in 2012, his silence — both musically and in his refusal to talk to the press — has only helped the cult of Voodoo grow," it reads. "Even if he never releases another album, he's already given us so much."


1. Playa Playa
2. Devil's Pie
3. Left & Right
4. The Line
5. Send It On
6. Chicken Grease
7. One Mo'Gin
8. The Root
9. Spanish Joint
10. Feel Like Makin' Love
11. Greatdayindamornin' / Booty
12. Untitled (How Does It Feel?)
13. Africa