Dana Gavanski Releases Video for "I Kiss the Night"

Sophomore album 'When It Comes' is out on April 29

Photo: Clementine Schneidermann

BY James MartensPublished Apr 5, 2022

Serbian-Canadian singer-songwriter Dana Gavanski has released a video for "I Kiss the Night," the latest from her upcoming sophomore album When It Comes.

"It's an ode to the night, learning to lean into its magic and the spookiness of solitude in a winter storm," Gavanski said of the song in a press release.

Speaking of the accompanying video, director Gaia Alari said:

The nocturnal and lulling atmospheres evoked by Dana's song had me design a video treatment that aims to represent a dreamscape, or, more precisely, the moment of drowsiness happening right before falling asleep. By entering the door of the liminal space between awake and asleep, the character erases the external world and enters within her brain, experiencing a maze made of layered visions, distorted perception of self, time and space, intrusive thoughts that range from playful-bizarre-uncanny sequences to reassuring memories, in the attempt to fall asleep and finally shut the door.

Gavanski's new album is due out April 29 via Flemish Eye/Full Time Hobby. It marks the follow-up to her 2020 debut Yesterday Is Gone.

Watch the video for "I Kiss the Night" below. 

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